1. Brandi B
    January 30, 2020 @ 11:12 pm

    I’m mixed emotions towards our president but may GOD Shine through truth may the best party win!!!!

    • mary jones
      January 31, 2020 @ 1:18 am

      @windowpane0 while i appreciate your reply, i must respectfully disagree about him. from the current evidence and testimonies under oath from the house, trump is perhaps the most dangerous threat that our country has ever faced. if i hear any testimony or see any documents that change my mind then i will apologize. so far he has blocked the witnesses and the subpoenaed documents, and he doesn’t want to testify under oath in his own behalf. this is all very suspicious. but i leave it in the Hands of God. in His own good time, the full truth will come out. one way or another.

  2. mary jones
    January 30, 2020 @ 11:19 pm

    we need to call, email, and write on the social media accounts of our senators! we must see the new evidence and hear from the first-hand witnesses!

    • M.E. Bentoo
      January 31, 2020 @ 7:22 am

      There is no “new” evidence. There never was “any” evidence. The Dems said for three years they had over-whelming evidence and never produced any, any at all. Like I said above, why didn’t they say in 2016 that they were going to impeach Trump for a phone call he WOULD MAKE in 2019? It isn’t for a phone call. They planned to impeach him solely because they HATE. That’s it!

    • mary jones
      January 31, 2020 @ 7:50 am

      fyi, there are a number of russian trolls in the comments below. they can be most easily recognized by a check of their channels. they will have no content. that together with making outrageous comments or replies to other comments are the best indications. please don’t feed these trolls, and i mean this quite literally. they receive about 85 rubles for each comment or reply to their comment. just downvote them and move on. they can be reported if they use nasty language or bully someone or spam the page, otherwise please just ignore them. if they don’t earn any money here then they will move on. the same goes for other comment sections on other videos. they are out in force, but we can make them leave by not feeding them 🙂

  3. C A B
    January 30, 2020 @ 11:42 pm

    So, does the Senate understand they are giving up their power, equal separate, to the President? No more separation of powers, nor equally branches, if they do not vote to remove this President?

  4. Reason *
    January 30, 2020 @ 11:58 pm

    Most of us know he is a criminal to the tenth degree. He is not a man, he is a pathetic yet danger psycho. His actions speak his truth. He is the worst thing that ever happened to the USA.

    • Trade 4 A Better Life
      January 31, 2020 @ 7:19 am

      you need to speak for yourself. Give specific examples of how he is a criminal . Trump is the best president this country has ever seen.

    • M.E. Bentoo
      January 31, 2020 @ 7:29 am

      You have no reason. No ability to reason. No nohow to reason. How do you know what you say you know? He has helped America immensely while bills he has produced sit on Pelosi’s desk. She refuses to take action on them, refuses to work for Americans. He’s done so much for all Americans and all of it with no help from Dems. He has proven through transparency, honesty, hard work, dedication, fulfilled almost every single campaign promise with Media, Dems, corrupt officials demonizing him 24/7 and it has all been lies. None of it has been proven true. Why do you hate so much? Hate is not a value or a virtue? Why do you hate him? Why. why?

  5. Hanifa Williams
    January 31, 2020 @ 1:28 am

    People must take this too the streets…amerikkka looks racists and lawlessness, totally discusting,the Senate congress,amerikkka really looks bad!!!

    • Braxton
      January 31, 2020 @ 4:05 pm

      Yeah, it’s so bad. 🤣😂🤣😂
      That’s why everyone wants to come here.
      You must not actually know how other parts of the world are.

  6. Michael Munro
    January 31, 2020 @ 2:05 am

    Vladimir Putin documentary leak calling it Donald Trump “ American disgrace”
    He’s mocking the country And trying to take credit for it. The ultimate disrespect

    • Trade 4 A Better Life
      January 31, 2020 @ 7:16 am

      @ShoeNice Classic Uploads he will never answer because he’s too busy playing video games in mommy and daddy’s garage

  7. Truth Rainer
    January 31, 2020 @ 2:06 am

    Feeling the heat are you!!!!!!! Good it’s where it should have been on in the first place. Your lying is so smearing yourself

  8. windowpane0
    January 31, 2020 @ 2:13 am

    IDK Maybe we should shifty our attention away abit and see if 17% of the worlds population dies in the next 3 months because of a global medical emergency, before we judge or misjudge all the political shiftiness. Just my oped.

  9. Brent Sato
    January 31, 2020 @ 3:48 am

    Rep. Adam Shift…As a Canadian Representative with your government ,I have especially represented in the State of California assisting in the largest Latino Labor Force in North America. The California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Canadians are non partisan but representing your country is paramount for the better and as a long time Canadian, I have busted my balls with the help of my friends with your country, South and Central America.( including Mexico).

  10. Серж Шуляченко
    January 31, 2020 @ 4:52 am

    News that was banned in the United States.

    The National Anti-Corruption Agency of Ukraine has opened a criminal case against former US President Nobel Laureate Obama.

    It turns out money from the US financial assistance against Russian aggression Poroshenko stolen, for himself and Obama.

    Now everyone knows why Obama refused to audit American money in Ukraine.

    This can be verified by making a request to Ukraine.

    The FBI ignores these facts because they are corrupt.

    $ 100 Million Theft Proven
    Biden, as the head of the Obama administration, knew about everything and was silent. Participated.

  11. TheVinstigator
    January 31, 2020 @ 6:01 am

    If you guys are going to be crazy about your political opinion, please make it make sense.

  12. M.E. Bentoo
    January 31, 2020 @ 6:02 am

    Shiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Comey, Brennan, Lemon, Maddow and others, what exactly were you going to impeach Donald Trump for in June 2016? Right after he announced his candidacy? Why didn’t you say in 2016 that you were going to impeach him for a phone call he would make in 2019? You WILL NOT be allowed to destroy our Constitution, our country and our Presidency.

  13. Bruce Olsen
    January 31, 2020 @ 6:29 am

    Pretty strong words that the people here in the USA are racist and there is nothing but lawlessness. Well two easy answers for that . If you live here then leave . Go back to your wonderful filthy country of Somalia
    If you don’t live here I really feel sorry for you .

  14. Vangie Mercado
    January 31, 2020 @ 6:58 am

    mush better …anyways your very rich no need jod for you .but you show to over the word …that u r a god…n this happen …very good for you

  15. Jim L
    January 31, 2020 @ 7:10 am

    By BL- Why is Biden sending threatening letters to the MSM telling them not to print anything bad or investigate him ?

    January 31, 2020 @ 7:36 am

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  17. Sheepish Buffalo
    January 31, 2020 @ 8:01 am

    The only abuse of power is this impeachment sham and it’s obstructive of the well being of America.

  18. Beat89 Widmer
    January 31, 2020 @ 9:08 am

    The Demobrat’s cry yell and scream, impeach him, while giving out emotional empathetic speeches to each other and through the media. When there asked to give out the evidence on why Trump should be impeached, they fail to follow through drop it momentarily then rinse and repeat. You may believe what the Democrats say, but don’t forget they’ve been trying to impeach him since he was elected. Before you get salty just take a moment to think about that:) “Any way, Mean while in Australia, we seem to rotate ours according to the seasons:))

  19. Dingles
    January 31, 2020 @ 9:38 am

    Democrats refuse to accept the Rules of Governance, House Rules, Senate Rules and Constitutional law. It would not matter a single whit if not a single witness were called in the Senate because as with ALL trials, once trial stage is reached, BOTH sides must have ALREADY submitted to the Court or the Senate, a COMPLETE file of documentation and list EVERY document in evidence, every exhibit, every Witness and every testimony ALREADY heard, perused and obtained to make their case. The stage of building the case is OVER and must be fully complete by trial stage. Once the evidence relied upon is submitted and listed, they CAN’T say, OOPS! Sorry, we need to obtain testimony from Mr. X. It’s just not done! Not allowed. The reasons for these strict procedures is to prevent “Ambush Trials”, where one side surprises the other with evidence and they have no time to fully prepare their rebuttals, maybe also needing a new witness to do so.

    It’s a deceit to claim new witnesses have been called in previous Impeachment trials to justify calling new witnesses now. In EVERY Impeachment trial only witnesses ALREADY deposed were brought in to CLARIFY their testimony. That’s ALL. Occasionally, NEW testimony was allowed, but only in extremely RARE circumstances, when new and EXTREMELY critical evidence was not previously available and there is a high standard of explanation and of evidence required before that new testimony is deemed admissible, which the Parties MUST meet before it will be allowed.

  20. Seny Dharman
    January 31, 2020 @ 1:08 pm

    Very sorry for Americans becoming a dictatorial 3rd world weak country under corrupt Trump,
    Netanyahu indicted Trump IMPEACHED, WHAT THE WORLD HAS BECOME under this 2 corrupt persons?, This will go down in history that the Republicans are now not Republicans but cult crocodile Clown narcissist Trumpist party, The next generation will ask why and how did the Republicans become Trumpist. After 8 years if he wins again as to how can Republicans save themselves and separate themselves from Trump’s abuse of power. party, Republicans will shame themselves? Remember Trump is not the president for life just like dictator Chinas Xi Xin Ping/ The next Republican candidate for President will not be able to fill Trump liar filled corrupt mafia administration.; Bad history happening in our lifetime. We can say to our children yes this is the first time in history that the Senate trial did not allow witnesses in the trial because the Trumpist party is scared for the truth to be presented on the trial The first time in history the witnesses not allowed in a trial, This is American democracy, Shame Americans, Shane Shame Shame

  21. elle pegg
    January 31, 2020 @ 1:36 pm

    So who leaked the contents of Bolton’s book? That book hasn’t been released yet. And why can’t he just come out and say it if it’s true. He doesn’t have to be subpoenaed to tell that. Parnas is out running his mouth about what he knows or says he was told. Bolton could do the same…or maybe he can’t say it because it isn’t true, but wondering about it may create interest in people buying his book? If it ever gets published. It’s all a bunch of hooey! I don’t believe either side. They all need to go. Those guys are career politicians. We need term limits for the House and Senate. They should not be allowed to get there and just stay forever. They lose their sense of reason and why they are there…just saying..

  22. Thomas Happy
    January 31, 2020 @ 4:12 pm

    The music makes me want dance and threw a party with some people. Then drink a can of good tasting beer at my party and then dance again. However, I’ll have 5 big cakes at my party. We’ll talk about the good old days to pass the time and fall asleep late that night.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆

  23. petru-daniel florea
    January 31, 2020 @ 5:28 pm

    disinformation pacepa’s book red horizonts read it american friends and keep it in youre head