1. Duane Heckman
    October 10, 2019 @ 11:15 pm

    Hmmmmm. No mention of a deficit that’s increased 77% JUST THIS YEAR!! No mention of abandoning our allies. NO mention of the corruption in his own administration with Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Tom Price and Wilbur Ross. No mention of his OWN kids making millions in deals with the Chinese etc. NO mention of the Saudi’s owning the entire 45th floor of Trump tower. No mention of the hush money payoffs to a playboy model and porn-star just before the 2016 election. No mention of just how many former lobbyists now occupy his cabinet (oh yeah — Google it), And of course no mention — not a whisper of his stupid decision to abandon our allies, the Kurds, in Syria. I think it’s pathetic and sad that this man honestly thinks good decent Americans cannot see the “performance” that while it entertains is filled with little other than put-downs of those who criticize him and all the bragging about his HUGE 2016 win of 77,000 votes spread over 3 states!! Can you honestly tell me you have EVER seen a President act like this, let alone a 73 year old man who craves attention like a 9 year old!! Good luck folks. Any President that tells his entire administration that they can simply IGNORE Congressional subpoenas is setting a precedent that some day the GOP will scream bloody murder when the Democrats argue the same points. And these young people here should all have this video played back to them in 20 years so they can see how they supported the havoc this man has put on our democracy!

    • shane foller
      October 10, 2019 @ 11:51 pm

      Duane, you are a victim and unfortunate parroter of MSM talking points. Even if some of what you said is logistically true(the deficit number is laughable because unless the military was gutted and 30% of pre-existing entitlement programs curtailed), Hillary’s policies would have the deficit increasing by factors by now, compared to Trump’s economy. Sanders or Warren’s even further Leftist misguided economic/domestic plans, would make them exponential. And our country would be nakedly exposed to malevolent foreign powers, as a result of their military-cutting goals and welfare enrichments. It’s just not sustainable, my man.

      If there were any truth to Trump’s kids unnaturally enriching themselves with China, and it was legitimate and provable, it would be trumpeted on MSM media outlets, 24 hours a day. Conversely, the 156k/mo salary and multimillions in cash gifts/incentives Hunter Biden received from various companies/foreign powers *are* actually legitimate and accurate. Were they not, the Bidens would have already gone after Trump and right-leaning media opinion commentators reporting it as libel and slander. But they haven’t. Because they can’t. Because it’s for the most part, *true* .

      Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I/II, Clinton and Obama, all have done as bad or worse to get other nation’s attention with potential witholding of aid and would rightly do it again, if put in the same position. Again, you are taking something that in more sensible times would have been considered common rules of engagement from a superpower to a plebian nation, and turning it into something it isn’t, to extrapolate to Trump’s deeds to unlawful removal from office. If you could step outside of your “Never-Trumper”-ism for 5 seconds and look at things objectively, you would see that.

      And your beloved MSM press, does everything they can to run interference for Biden/Hunter, and focuses only on the never-ending, multiple-attempted, bogus, unjustifiable and illegal attempts to remove a sitting and lawfully-elected POTUS from office, for what boils down to an internal hardboiled Executive diplomacy phone call. And all the world salad pop Leftist blather you wrote in your above post, is the direct result of you immersing yourself in their mantra-esque anti-Trumpism content, since 2016 or earlier. It has truly warped your brain, from seeing proper reality.

      Trump has, is and will continue to good and prosperous things for our nation, even if it’s painful at times or causes triggered shrieks from the Leftist/SJW/cultural Marxist peanut gallery, that ultimately wishes for America’s failure and downfall, not it’s continuance. Congratulations btw, for aligning yourself with those individuals. Speaks volumes about just how much work as a person and critical thinker, you have yet to do.

      Lastly, we live in a Democratic *Republic* , not a undistilled “democracy”. And for good reason. If the masses of people who think like you and the wronghheaded, ignorant, anti-capitalist, anarchist, Socialist, Antifa and BLM types were to have their ignorant and anti-American aims implemented, the infrastructure of the U.S. would be faltering, social tumult erupting with many balkanized civil wars and ultimately, millions of lives lost. Leaving the U.S. irreparably damaged, vulnerable, financially insolvent and worst of all, with nothing to show for it all. The grownups(in this case a “9-year old” like Trump/Pence and the GOP), much as you seem to loathe him/them, *must* stay in charge, for our great Republic Union to survive and uphold freedom, liberty, world stability and long-term prosperity.

      You may as well just get your mind right and join us, Duane. Because one way or another barring 11th hour resignations or a post-Big Mac vapor lock, Trump is going to assume power again in 2020, and America’s true greatness, will continue to be fulfilled.

    • D W
      October 11, 2019 @ 12:05 am

      The democracy needs a ittle havoc from the republic. The electorrally voted in President is going against democracy/mob rule/popular vote and defending the Constitution. You want to live by mob rule? go for it, but you can’t force others to.

  2. Green Hornet
    October 11, 2019 @ 12:00 am

    sacrilegious heathens God will strike all of you down for serving a false god………. be warned if you have 1 ounce of faith you will wash your evil mouths with lye soup and pray for forgiveness and if anyone thinks this trash of a man who has slept with porn stars and cursed God as well as have nothing to repent for and speak of being the king of the Jews then you are hell bound never return to Gods house for you are demons of Satan