1. Andrew Smith
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:01 am

    Do not panic! (Senators sell of stocks and shares in secret)

    It’s just a flu! (US elite and rich fly off in private Jets to their personal safe sanctuaries)

    Chloroquine is a cure! (No rich Congressmen take it, turns out it isn’t useful and killed at least 2 so far)

    The vaccine is coming! (Senators and Congressmen adjourn and hide in their private estates)

    Test kits are easily available! (Only if you are a member of the Wall St Elite, a Congressmen, or NBA star)
    We are all in this together (doctors and nurses sent to the Frontline with no PPE/masks/protection, while the rich and famous celebrities hide in their homes with N95s for themselves and their dogs)

  2. Dennis Perrie
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:02 am

    don’t underestimate the Virus. There are certain areas more susceptible to the Virus due to bad management but this virus has venom.

  3. Frank Bertola
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:07 am

    The Don knows the malaria drug ragime works and he is practical enough to use it

    • Hopper Mantis
      March 26, 2020 @ 7:19 am

      How about that 10,000mg (ish) ragime of garlic with 3mg of copper? Of which is not being looked into.

  4. Leigh Barry
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:11 am

    I’ll take a pep talk from President Trump anyway than Nancy Pelosi’s”I DON’T CARE I DON’T CARE I DON’T CARE I DON’T CARE…!”and her dividing Americans

  5. roguemale TheOne&Only
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:13 am

    Can’t believe this rightwing mouthpiece!
    1031 US citizens have died and the infection rate suggests that the peak is still about 3-4 weeks away.
    Australia is also due for a peak-4 more aussie’s sadly passed away today.
    But,at least rightwing pinup boy-brenton tarrant pleaded guilty today thus,avoiding a painful trial.

  6. Bj Williams No Truth Dont Speak To Me
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:19 am

    One being trying to inform you how corrupt our politicians I have seen him post this numerous times on here #IGNORANCE is rampant on here #TRUTH is scarce

  7. tallaganda83
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:20 am

    No he is not at all, USA will lose thousands upon thousands of people and go into a depression.

  8. Michael Erasmus
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:21 am

    New York mayor refused to buy 16 000 ventilators in 2015 , got officials to draw up a rationing draw system instead , sounds like a death lottery ,instead of medical equipment , now screams the Federal gov is not doing enough , while advising the dem house leader to hold up the relief bill so that they can get more from the Republican ?

  9. frank Smith
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:22 am

    God I hope he is. The American people VOTE FOR TRUMP VOTE FOR FREEDOM. And let’s put this socialist anarchy to bed.

  10. Rationalist Society
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:24 am

    I love Trump. I don’t consider myself right wing. I just love the way the guy talks. He does not talk like the political class

    • Spectre Eye
      March 26, 2020 @ 5:39 am

      Rationalist Society This boy warned about it 7 months ago. A BIOWAR.
      Truth reveals itself on time. 👇

    • christopher cook
      March 26, 2020 @ 6:06 am

      Political is not class. Most of them are unemployable and do not know the difference between a Country and a Continent.

    • Sheila W
      March 26, 2020 @ 8:25 am

      Too true he talks like the ignorant fool that he is. He has destroyed the US and his brainwashed base like the MAGA idiot above just continue to support him. It’s actually hard to believe.

  11. Joseph
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:42 am

    Jesus Christ is true Israel because like a prince he has power with the angels of heaven and with men.

  12. Barry Quinnell
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:44 am

    Trump is comedy gold, he has the whole world laughing…at him, his mock-ability is sky high

  13. off stage
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:46 am

    Look at the total deaths this year. Look at it. Something does not ad up. Just this year 66 thousand woman had died during child birth. Can you see the scale difference. Why is it not a massive issue? Why is this more important?

    • off stage
      March 26, 2020 @ 6:16 am

      @Leona Bastet ridiculous. I mean I see your logical that’s what I would of thought. Obviously you have not read the data, your opinion is based on assumption clearly. But lives. Lives is what it has to do with it. Coronavirus is bad for money. That’s why it’s a big deal. Women dying all over the world including the west. Doesn’t hurt the economy does it.

    • Destiny tran
      March 26, 2020 @ 6:17 am

      Because this virus is unknown and 10 times infection. I still don’t support the shut down though.

    • Leona Bastet
      March 26, 2020 @ 6:36 am

      @Destiny tran Well no it’s not ideal. But what can you do – just carry on as usual as bodies are piled into mass graves?

    • Leona Bastet
      March 26, 2020 @ 6:40 am

      I am looking at the figures. 660000 women dying throughout the third world over a lengthy period and in different geographic locations is not the same as thousands dying in Spain and Italy in just a couple of weeks. What point are you trying to make ? And how many people do you personally know that have died of the flu?

    • Trent O Donnell
      March 26, 2020 @ 7:19 am

      Please provide a link to prove ’66 thousand woman died during child birth this year!’ I’ll wait.

  14. Doug Bright
    March 26, 2020 @ 5:49 am

    Trump is expressing a goal and aspiration to motivate people. The Left think he is making a statement of absolute intent and use the opportunity to slag off at him. The Left are exploiting this contagion as hard as they can – the only beneficiaries of which are possibly China and the Left.

  15. CleetusVanDamme530
    March 26, 2020 @ 6:00 am

    Trump DID NOT say it will be over by Easter. He said he’d like to get the country going again by Easter if possible since the longer the shut down goes on the harder the recovery will be.

  16. Henry Orolaza
    March 26, 2020 @ 6:02 am

    I ‘m very grateful and happy that America, Australia ,Canada and Great Britain are come together to find this invisible deadly disease.

  17. catmandenny
    March 26, 2020 @ 6:05 am

    Having people hug someone who may have come from a coronavirus hot spot was worse than the “coronavirus challenge” wherein kids are licking toilet seats.

  18. Destiny tran
    March 26, 2020 @ 6:11 am

    3:10, he is right on. But for this incident, Democrat took advantage of this issue. I personally don’t think we need to shut down. But, California chose to be the first to shut it down. California is only doing it so it could get the fed money.

  19. Raymond law
    March 26, 2020 @ 6:12 am

    Remember movie ” saving Private Ryan”

    USA can send 5 people to save Ryan because they care about life.

    Now, they need 5 Ryan to save economy, save Trump’s position

    • obi one
      March 26, 2020 @ 7:54 am

      Thank you buddy we will co e to your beautiful countries aid as soon as we can stay healthy in the land down under cheers!

  20. GrooberNedJardine
    March 26, 2020 @ 6:31 am

    It’s just another way to lower the standard of living for all Australians ,accept politicians and those on the public service payroll . Lets not fool ourselves that everyone suffered during the great depression regardless of their social standing , that wasn’t the case , infact the rich did very well out of it all , only the working class suffered . They say never let a global pandemic go to waste , here’s our chance to exploit it fully .

  21. Sheila Carroll
    March 26, 2020 @ 6:44 am

    It’s the Democrats that want money going to things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the crisis, Not the Trump Administration! Nancy Pelosi is the one wanting money for the Kennedy Center ( music center) plus wanted money to support abortions! They are absolutely despicable!

  22. Saadia Maalimhyhg
    March 26, 2020 @ 7:03 am

    People will not come out during Easter holidays because they know how deadly this virus is. 😀😀😀😀😀

  23. john smith
    March 26, 2020 @ 7:03 am

    Notice how all those yelling for a total lockdown are on secure incomes ( Public servants/Media )

  24. Ricky Goh
    March 26, 2020 @ 7:16 am

    Trump is the only US president that can make America no.1 again, get all your manufactuing plants out of china and solve America unemployment.

  25. Dinesh Siwakoti
    March 26, 2020 @ 7:29 am

    I love trump. I’d go crazy if i had to deal with SJWs morons constantly defaming and undermining me with everything i do and say. Much respect to that man

  26. Martin Kalajzich
    March 26, 2020 @ 7:34 am

    Remove china from world trade. Do it until they become a democracy. wake up idiots.

  27. Antun M
    March 26, 2020 @ 7:44 am

    Mr. Trump is a very bad comedian, hm the commander and chief of the most powerful country. What a joke.

  28. H. Paul
    March 26, 2020 @ 7:49 am

    Trump is fighting this “war” with the people, NOT with politicians. He is doing the very best under the circumstances. We all do not have experience with such extreme situations. Our government in South Africa is still turning this into politics. Disgusting. US citizens should appreciate their President more.

  29. Joshua Betham
    March 26, 2020 @ 7:50 am

    Trump went in for president not because of the money that’s why he’s good and thinks more for the people…not all but most Politicians are corrupt as all they want is power and make the most money.they only think of themselves…go trump….the badest president on the planet.

  30. David Vawter
    March 26, 2020 @ 8:13 am

    “Ralph Nader?” I believe he means Jerry Nadler, NY Congressman and famous impeachment cheerleader. Ralph Nader is the man who killed the Chevrolet Corvair in the 1960s and famously helped get George W. Bush elected thanks to his vanity Presidential campaign in 2000.

  31. Moto Gizmo
    March 26, 2020 @ 8:20 am

    I don’t need to listen to him, as long as MSM and Democrats are complaining I know he is doing a good Job ! 😂

  32. Vicki Diana Coghlan
    March 26, 2020 @ 8:20 am

    Would you vote for a business man or a politician???
    Anyone with a brain knows not to trust any politicians. F no.
    This is why Trump runs America better because he’s a business man not a BS pathetic politician.

  33. Glenn Whitehead
    March 26, 2020 @ 8:21 am

    Thank god for Sky News Australia!, if you watch sky in uk you would think you were on a different planet!

  34. Vicki Diana Coghlan
    March 26, 2020 @ 8:22 am

    I’d love America go to war with china and give china a huge overdue whipping on the backside big-time.

  35. Sheila W
    March 26, 2020 @ 8:23 am

    Sky news – must be a Rupert Murdoch channel – if so not bad enough the disaster his Faux news channel has caused in the US – now they are trying to join the Russians in interfering with another US election. Trumps handling of the COVID epidemic has been and continues to be catastrophic – a master class in how a president should not deal with this. Trump has done exactly what this Twitter is accusing de Blasio of doing. Then blaming “ socialist” healthcare of being responsible for Italy and Spain when the US system is failing utterly. What sort of idiots are his listeners?

  36. Digamas
    March 26, 2020 @ 8:23 am

    Trump is a businessman not a politician, so the US are lucky they have the top man on the job to work out their economy in these terrible times.

  37. Grigori One
    March 26, 2020 @ 8:24 am

    Robots controlled from home. Just need a VR headset.
    Said robots have learning A.I. in them so after a while YOUR robot earns you money whilst you do some gardening or W/E.
    Just gotta pay it off.
    I can dream 😀
    ( I realize they could not do every job )