1. terry phillips
    October 18, 2019 @ 11:16 pm

    More Distractions while Trump screws up the world. Any other Human would be in Jail or mental hospital but Americans just watch.

  2. yehshivida
    October 18, 2019 @ 11:41 pm

    *Ukraine Phone Call is TEXT BOOK U.S. PROSECUTOR TACTIC for squeezing out False Confessions that put the majority of U.S. Prisoners in jail* . . . . THIS is how they do-it-up here🎶💃🕺

  3. GeezerGamez
    October 18, 2019 @ 11:57 pm

    The word ‘perfect” that is a big clue. As a former investigator, that one word stood out as strange. Why use that word? Who describes their phone calls like that? In what scenario would that word fit the most? As we were taught- look for what is most common, most logical, most reasonable.
    It would only make sense in all three categories if Trump was advised by a LAWYER BEFORE the call as to what Trump could say with getting the message across and not break the law at the same time. AND then either given a thumbs up at the end of the call or told the call was “Perfect” after he hung up. In other words, he was most likely coached by a lawyer(s) before and after the call. This means not only did Trump have knowledge of what they were doing may be illegal,but his lawyers did too and made a plan to circumvent the law.

  4. Lotta Sunshine
    October 19, 2019 @ 12:03 am

    Why are we calling a Trump donor who was a hotel owner with no foreign service experience whatsoever an “Ambassador.” That’s as ridiculous as calling Ivanka a White House adviser.

  5. three monkeys
    October 19, 2019 @ 12:07 am

    Call your senators’ offices daily demanding they impeach and remove. Let them know they will be gone if the will of the people is not carried out.

  6. Real M
    October 19, 2019 @ 12:58 am

    How the F**K could we let the lowest scum of our society and Putin elect this 2-bit con man to the Whitehouse???

    This MUST be written in our constitution and our laws as a deterrent to NEVER AGAIN let the Deplorable have a say and have GOP known as the traitor’s party.

  7. Lynda Sutherland
    October 19, 2019 @ 1:28 am

    Thank you Richard Engel! I’ve watched the three On Assignment items, and OMG yes, that all fits together and makes perfect sense. This type of abuse has to be stopped. Perhaps future Presidents won’t be so inclined towards criminal behaviour as Trump has been, but one can see how the populace will abandon all hope in Government, if this type of thing isn’t slapped down as hard as possible. Talk about abuse of power – the mind boggles!

  8. A M
    October 19, 2019 @ 1:33 am

    I read the comments and I find people will ignore Trump’s corruption to support this dangerous fool. Trump is not making America great. The US is becoming a joke .

  9. Bono Budju
    October 19, 2019 @ 1:40 am

    Is there no other resort in America that doesn’t have bed bugs more appropriate for the G7.?

  10. Tony Harris
    October 19, 2019 @ 1:59 am

    Trump has a whole video of him partying with Epstein. Yeah he takes pictures with everybody.

    • Source Fractal OOTB
      October 19, 2019 @ 7:11 pm

      Tony Harris ..he was his wingman for many years… look at this and share it…

  11. Bretheren Lee
    October 19, 2019 @ 3:04 am

    the bible says those that live by white is right are on the way to destruction

  12. Erich Nussbaum
    October 19, 2019 @ 4:53 am

    Impeach Donald Trump and send him to jail! it’s no big deal! Nobody will miss him!

    • Mac & Fiona
      October 19, 2019 @ 4:52 pm

      To give the fair credit he has been a blessing for Press Industry. They had a financial boom

  13. Al DAmico
    October 19, 2019 @ 7:37 am

    This new show D,TRUMDPU World, would make a great soap op if it was not happening live in America before the whole world!
    A special thanks to the Republican party & all who voted & elected this AHOLE DTRUMP for all you have done to make america great again?
    We have never been laid so low by another country, are you all blind, it’s the old russian play book, destroy from within!

  14. Judy
    October 19, 2019 @ 8:24 am

    Trump supporters just don’t know any better,because all the information they have comes from fox ..and it is for entertainment purposes only….it gives opinions not news…but they think they are getting the real news…so sad for our country.

  15. gunny grunt
    October 19, 2019 @ 8:33 am

    Because of WATERGATE… We the PEOPLE will stand.There is no room for this corruption in any OFFICE.

  16. Mike Clark
    October 19, 2019 @ 9:21 am

    This all happen before or after Turkey slaughtered all the Kurds in Kentucky?? Lol. Fake news and spin. Lol

  17. Brave Sir Robin
    October 19, 2019 @ 9:28 am

    Oh no, the President of the United States wants to investigate political corruption with foreign governments. How stupid are Americans? Well, if you tell them a president can’t use foreign governments to aid in investigations they’ll believe it’s not normal. Iraq has WMDs. That was wrong for a reason. Almost 20 year later nobody talks about how they got it all wrong. If we don’t know our history then we are doomed to repeat it.

  18. Red894336643
    October 19, 2019 @ 9:49 am

    Joe Biden…..Make China Great Again.
    I don’t believe this Democrats narrative. Joe and Hunter Biden are corrupt. I’m a Democrat that after the whole Mueller BS now believes Trump first and MSNBC second.

  19. Jonas Klingberg
    October 19, 2019 @ 10:32 am

    All this is ultimately the fault of the Trump base. Hillary was right in calling them deplorable.

  20. Halina Bemben
    October 19, 2019 @ 12:10 pm

    I can’t even imagine how American Soldiers are feeling ? ?!!!!! trump has made them look like cowards , but he is the one. Trump you are a coward and a criminal .

  21. David Benard
    October 19, 2019 @ 12:41 pm

    Bigest power play of all time the foney witch hunt by Willam Barr and his appointed conspirators by the President. Is another tactic of Putin’s Guide to Authoritarians !

  22. 73egg
    October 19, 2019 @ 2:02 pm


  23. erghjkm vbnmlp
    October 19, 2019 @ 3:39 pm

    “BREAKING: Convoy of Trucks Seen Emptying Obama-Linked Former Ukrainian President Poroschenko’s Palace – Confidants Arrested and Flee”

    by Jim Hoft October 19, 2019
    Schiff sent a staffer to Ukraine to meet with the former President Poroshenko after receiving the ‘whistleblower’ report.
    This trip was sponsored by a think tank that receives funding from a program of left-wing billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation called “Open Society Initiative for Europe”
    Here is Adam Schiff’s signature authorizing the travel, dated July 22 2019

    They met directly with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who lost to current president Volodymyr Zelensky in a landslide 73-25 victory.
    Poroshenko was known for his strong ties to the Obama Administration, specifically Obama’s point man for Ukraine:

    Now this…
    A convoy of trucks were seen emptying former President Poroshenko’s home this weekend.

    CD Media reported:

    KYIV — CD Media broke news yesterday of allegations by intelligence sources of extensive money laundering and corruption by former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. We will be releasing detailed information on the schemes to embezzle hundreds of millions of IMF aid money to Ukraine and we can confirm that investigations are under way by the Ukrainian special prosecutor’s office.

    In the meantime, we think it very interesting that reports are coming out of Ukraine of tens of trucks emptying Poroshenko’s palace of belongings in Kyiv.

    His right-hand man, Oleg Gladkovskiy-Svinarchuk, was arrested two days ago on corruption charges by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). His other confidant Ihor Kononenko has apparently ran away according to reports.

    Unofficial – suspected war crimes oligarch Petro Poroshenko is preparing to escape abroad, reported Ukrainian news outlet Vremya [Time].

    Local media is also reporting this news.

    CD Media is posting updates.

    If the reportes are accurate this will be horrific news for the Democrats and Biden Crime Family.
    Poroshenko was behind all of the dirty dealings between the corrupt Obama admininstration and the Biden family corruption.

  24. tracy scanlon
    October 19, 2019 @ 3:55 pm

    This is far worse than anything Nixon ever did except the LBJ thing with Vietnam

  25. Joseph Schwarzkopf
    October 19, 2019 @ 4:05 pm

    Now that sotero’s FBI/CIA /MSM COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  26. LJ Adkins
    October 19, 2019 @ 4:31 pm

    Richard Engel is a brilliant and courageous journalist. I’ve seen his reports from Syria in other countries. He’s obviously well respected and trusted.
    Thank you!

  27. A Hashimo
    October 19, 2019 @ 4:47 pm

    The Ukrainian investigation is barely a cover up of the actual intrusion of Russia
    Creating an opposite side story to held democrats (Baiden) engaged in opposite alibi
    While Russian interference is legitimised in the public eyes….you do it via Ukraine will do it via Russia
    Sort of ..

  28. Vicky Jameus
    October 19, 2019 @ 6:20 pm

    Obama was a president ,a American
    For country and people
    Trump is a Putin.😈 puppet, a traitor 😩
    For money,and power

  29. Ted Harcovitz
    October 19, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

    If this is true then why will they not vote on impeachment and why can’t we watch the hearings. The Democrats are the ones to something to hide. Comparing Trump to Nixon way off. Nixon tries to interfere with an election. Trump is trying to enforce the law. Should anyone that runs for president not be brought to justice? The left media ignores Biden’s own admission to doing a quid pro quo for firing someone. That makes him a nim com poop. Do a search on Biden gets the Ukraine prosecutor fired and you will see his video making an admission. ,, Unless you can’t handle the truth. Should he get away with that? The answer is no. Trump is also the head of the justice department and his job is to make sure justice is done, isn’t it?

  30. William White
    October 19, 2019 @ 6:59 pm

    Sound like a quid pro quo to me, or could it be I have a serious hearing problem?

  31. Silvara Majere
    October 19, 2019 @ 7:14 pm

    The people in charge of the country play by a different set of rules, nothing new to see here.

  32. Lee R. N
    October 19, 2019 @ 8:44 pm

    Imagine if Trump’s cleared of all these wrongdoings, just imagine if he’s not impeached…the U.S becomes haven for…no, better yet…it becomes Sodom and Gomorrah!

  33. Charlene Lord
    October 19, 2019 @ 9:35 pm

    OMG, is that Barron standing in front of Melania? A stunt double? Did they let him out of the White House attic?

  34. Carl Moragne
    October 19, 2019 @ 10:11 pm

    How long will the United States Congress and Senate allow the current Administration to violate the “Emoluments Clause” ? ….Full Stop 🛑

  35. Taylan Snyder
    October 19, 2019 @ 11:37 pm

    If this would have occurred in 1960-70 the American people on both sides would have swarmed the streets of Washington DC and demanded this president resign!!