1. John Fowler
    January 21, 2020 @ 10:36 pm

    To my cousins across the great pond. when civil war 2 happens, don’t aid the left.
    – sincerely, a libertarian

  2. Ben Lagging
    January 21, 2020 @ 10:42 pm

    Hard to believe the DIMs n the House are now saying the Senate process is unfair. Jesus, what a laugh.

  3. Ian Hay
    January 21, 2020 @ 11:15 pm

    I`m a Brit but I have witnessed disgusting behaviour by Democrats and their Democrat media for the last 3 years….They have no legitimate reason to impeach Trump and the day Trump won the election they said they would impeach him. since we have been treated to a mirriad of false accusations pushed by their media against him and each time they have been found to be false yet here we are still witnessing a disgusting witch hunt against the President. Regarding the Idea that the majority of Americans want Trump impeached is yet another falsehood that will be proven after the American voters vote Trump back into office.

  4. FutureCloud
    January 21, 2020 @ 11:23 pm

    Man, I love this show. Been watching it from the start. So many twists and turns. This season has been pretty good. It’s clear Trump is guilty but he’s got the bigger team so he’ll get off free. Can’t wait to see what zany thing he’ll do next to stay in power and out of jail.

    • Robert Simms
      January 22, 2020 @ 12:49 am

      Can do what the articles of impeachment hasn’t….name the crime? Democrats wanted to impeach Trump since inaugurated three yes ago. Clinton paid UK and Ukraine to derail her political opponent with fake dossier. Collision on Democratic side. NO IMPEACHMENT. NO consequences. A farce impeachment hearing that is partisan, and only bi-partisan as a NO vote. He should be acquitted.

    • Chameleon1616
      January 22, 2020 @ 1:07 am

      He is accused of abuse of power (withholding diplomatic aid in return for foreign electoral influence) and obstruction of justice (ordering staff to withhold information from legal subpoenas)

      These are very clear crimes. For a normal member of the public the first one is equivalent to treason and the second is equivalent to obstructing a police search warrant or withholding evidence.

      Stop repeating the fact that you have not been paying attention to the case, it is not compelling and makes you look kind of dumb.

    • Robert Simms
      January 22, 2020 @ 1:35 am

      @Chameleon1616 actually, he’s been accused of being presidential as much as his predecessors doing same things with no fuss. That’s my point.

  5. hurryandleave
    January 21, 2020 @ 11:36 pm

    Less than 5 minutes in this report for Republicans to make their case.
    Almost 15 minutes for democrooks to make their case
    Well, the democrooks do ramble and are very long-winded.
    So I guess that’s fair.

    • hurryandleave
      January 22, 2020 @ 1:21 am

      @RisenThe I wasn’t talking about any of that. But since you bring it up, the House had its chance to get witnesses and prepare a case to send to the Senate. The Senate is only obligated to consider what the House has sent over. It’s not obligated to do the House’s job. The House presented a weak case. Now it’s trying to strengthen that case by adding additional witnesses. Let’s say you rush through an exam and don’t bother to answer half the questions. You hand in the exam, get a “D,” and then complain when the teacher won’t let you retake the exam. That’s exactly what the democrooks are doing here.

  6. Creator's Journey
    January 21, 2020 @ 11:38 pm

    High crimes…. being the POTUS that fights and cares for America???! They would have a case if they didn’t say we will impeach this mofo! when they lost the election.

    • RisenThe
      January 22, 2020 @ 12:09 am

      So if Hillary was President and Republicans were impeaching her, you’d be okay with Senate Democrats invalidating House Republican Inquiry evidence? What about stopping any of her firsthand witnesses from coming in?

  7. Bigbradwolf
    January 21, 2020 @ 11:58 pm

    Liberalism is causing insanity. I swear I will never vote Democrat again and want my vote back from Obama.

  8. RisenThe
    January 22, 2020 @ 12:02 am

    To those saying this is a circus. Of course it is.
    Imagine President Hillary Clinton claiming absolute immunity to a Republican Inquiry.
    Imagine House Democrats voting against verifying a credible complaint against her.
    Imagine Senate Democrats voting against witnesses and documents to protect Hillary.

    Which side would be corrupt in your eyes then? Why is it different now? Think you might be gaslighted by media?

    The MAJORITY of America want to see witnesses. I want FIRSTHAND WITNESSES! Let’s see them! If Trump did nothing wrong, let’s exonerate him fairly.

    • kefkahkefkah
      January 22, 2020 @ 12:29 am

      Its called hypocrisy, but they dont care. Are you suprisied? I mean they value reading or education as elitist

  9. Michael Woodruff
    January 22, 2020 @ 12:29 am

    As you soon file your tax return, think about Line 12a. That’s money taken from you to pay these people. Absolute waste.

  10. Becky Johnson
    January 22, 2020 @ 12:58 am

    Why does Schiff get to stand and proclaim Trump actions are schemes etc. he doesn’t know his state of mind.
    The aid in was for the next year wasn’t it?

  11. Chameleon1616
    January 22, 2020 @ 1:10 am

    Just stop with the “what is he even accused of” point, it just makes you sound like you have not been listening

    He is accused of abuse of power (withholding diplomatic aid in return for foreign electoral influence) and obstruction of justice (ordering staff to withhold information from legal subpoenas)

    These are very clear crimes. For normal member of the public the first one is equivalent to treason and the second is equivalent to obstructing a police search warrant or withholding evidence.

  12. Comedian Fiftysix
    January 22, 2020 @ 1:10 am

    Leftist Sun editors piling on Democrats speakers I see. Twice as many as Trump defenders. Not balanced, limeys.

    • Urien Rheged
      January 22, 2020 @ 1:28 am

      TDS isn’t limited to the USA.
      In many ways the British public is even more saturated with anti Trump fanaticism than the American people who at least have Fox News and sanity from the likes of Tucker Carlson.

  13. Pastor Warren Lyons
    January 22, 2020 @ 1:20 am

    Adam Schiff is the corrupt one with his fake false allegations and parody of lies, he needs to be held accountable for his lies and false agenda to remove a president by FALSE FRAUDULENT IMPEACHMENT..JUSTICE JUSTICE God Bless and keep America from corrupt politicians. Shalom America Shalom

  14. Urien Rheged
    January 22, 2020 @ 1:29 am

    If you want an idea of the crimes and corruption these democrats are guilty of, just listen to the charges they accuse their opponents of.

    • DavetheSlave
      January 22, 2020 @ 2:32 am

      So the democrats, (the people) are to blame for these?

      My house is on fire

      What about when America lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?
      What about when it Stages a Coup (seizes government) in Venezuela or Iran (democratically elected) because they choose to Nationalise(distribute profit) oil?
      What about when it drops out of the UN (global regulations and peacekeeping) so it can ignore the regulations they themselves created?

      “An official order taken against a country in order to make it obey international law”

      Why does it seem that America is exempt from sanctions?
      Are we living in a dictatorship?

    • Urien Rheged
      January 22, 2020 @ 3:06 am

      What has any of that to do with Trump?
      Are you suggesting the democrats are not of the established order in the US and that everything bad that has ever been done was because of republicans?

    • Hengel Hardcore
      January 22, 2020 @ 3:40 am

      You know that sounds silly, right…?

      The Democrats never held back money for Ukraine nor did they approach people to get dirt on Biden’s son to keep Trump in office…

      Correction…. it sounds REALLY silly…

  15. ZEN Christafarian
    January 22, 2020 @ 1:35 am

    That woman with the white fingernails was reading word-for-word someone else’s words. Just readin”. Nobody who wrote their own words needs to read each and every single word in their notes…

  16. Midori Yamada
    January 22, 2020 @ 1:48 am

    Schiff and Shumer are delusional and only focus on impeachment. All democratic are moron. Can’t believe they’re elected.

  17. Pastor Warren Lyons
    January 22, 2020 @ 1:56 am

    “You know it” We know it for sure Mr Schiff with your ongoing corruption your memory is not good, remember the fake Russian Dossier your Kavanaugh of defamation a circus by the dems. Remember your obstruction to protect Americans from supporting BORDER PATROL REQUESTS to build a barrier to stop illicit drugs in that daily kill Americans and preventing undesirable illegals that want to do harm to Americans, the sending of air plane loads of cash to Iran by the former president to the world’s no 1 leader of terror. God bless President TRUMP and his endeavours to protect American communities and taxpayers money from corrupt governments and improve the welfare of your own people. Mr SCHIFF SIR you need set a new way of leadership by repenting of your old ways,. it means humbling yourself and your ongoing acts of treason based on your FALSE WITNESS AND DEFAMATION OF THE CHARACTER OF YOUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT with your PARODY OF MANUFACTURED LIES AND DECEPTION . SHALOM AMERICA SHALOM

  18. Jt Da boss
    January 22, 2020 @ 2:02 am

    If the republicans and Trump have nothing to hide then why reject everything ? Cuz there are corrupt politics IMO if he really was innocent as the party claims they wouldnt stand blindly by there king. just my opinion 💯 at least do a fair trial

  19. Bridgett Tubbs
    January 22, 2020 @ 2:08 am

    The Truth is not in the Democratic Party concerning the President that we the people elected. I take offense that from the very beginning the Democrats stood on the streets to say they did not and would never recognize Mr Trump as President. The only reason this trial is taking place is that the Democrats Clinton was not elected and they lost. We demand that the democrats serve this country and get their eyes on the people instead of trying to impeach our President.

  20. Michael Lewis
    January 22, 2020 @ 2:16 am

    This is only about influencing the American public for the upcoming election. Biden, father and son, are both bent. If President Trump did try to influence the Ukranian President so what? This kind of thing happens all the time in government.

  21. Anglo McWhitey
    January 22, 2020 @ 2:39 am

    My prediction…Trump acquittal, then he goes on to win this years election by a landslide, because of the sheer disgust of the Democrats by the American people.

  22. Gary Dully
    January 22, 2020 @ 3:19 am

    I’m in the UK and I’m speechless at the corruption of the US media and Democrat party.

    I’ve been watching this witch-hunt trial lead up for weeks on US news.

    It’s so pathetic of the so called “Democrat” party.

    All Trump did was 2 things.

    1. Suspended aid to Ukraine, before a legal deadline to give it expired, but later released it, before the deadline, after being assured it wasn’t going to corrupt officials in the Ukraine government.

    On 2 phone calls to the new Ukraine president, he asked for corruption to be dealt with.
    It just so happens that Joe Biden and his son have earned $m’s from a corruption riddled energy firm that’s Ukrainian, whilst being Vice President to Obama’s term in office.
    Trump asked for any information about that to be handed to the US attorney generals office.

    This trial is an attempt to stop an investigation into corruption of the Democrat party and to smear Trump before this years election in November.

    It’s a complete sham.

    2. Invoked Presidential privilege to stop the democrat opposition obtain government documents, which were of a sensitive nature, without a Supreme Court Order first.
    Every president has invoked it, that’s ever been voted in. It’s the Presidents job to protect the people in government from political interference.
    It’s in the US constitution.
    If the Democrat party needed the documentation so badly, they should have gone to the courts and won their case.

    Instead, they abused the US constitution rules and have brought a ridiculous charge that legally doesn’t exist.
    Obstruction of Congress isn’t criminal unless Trump ignores a court order, which he hasn’t, because the Democrats never went to court to obtain one.

    The swamp creatures are back, watch your back Mr Trump.

  23. Gary Dully
    January 22, 2020 @ 3:22 am

    A bit bias isn’t this coverage is, say I
    Come on Sun, keep it balanced. It’s not exactly fair when it concerns Trump is it?

  24. Tom Martyr
    January 22, 2020 @ 3:29 am

    A trial where no witnesses are to be called and where no documents can be introduced as evidence…bwahahahaha.. American justice… if only those ordinary citizens before the courts in the US could get the same sweet deal. Teflon Don!