1. Josh PaperDragon
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:39 pm


  2. Kyle Rook
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:40 pm

    10 thousand times the Washington Post tries to Bull Sh*t people with its deceptive, inaccurate, misleading “reporting”. No one is paying attention anymore.

  3. Arnaldo Borghi
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:41 pm

    When you watch real news outlet and then you see videos like this, it is evident democrap bias all over….RIP WP

  4. S S
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:42 pm

    Hey DNC & MSM Whores, You want so bad to beat Trump yet you want to nominate a mush brain like Biden who’s going to get the dentures smacked out his mouth. Losers.

  5. ats89117
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:42 pm

    The Washington Post is really a rag. The president’s job is to try to keep the economy on track. If you want to know about the virus, you listen to a doctor. And most of them were wrong too. Luckily, this all seemed like a slow moving train wreck to me, so I sold off all my stock when the market was still going up. I felt foolish at first when I missed some really great up days, but I feel really good now!

  6. Kiran Patel
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:43 pm

    Trump blaming democrats means he is very very very sick shameless person what a beautiful liar no no what a nasty liars

    • MaddPeanut
      March 5, 2020 @ 7:04 pm

      In early Feb demonrats called him racist and xenophobic and said he was over-reacting. Now they say he hasn’t done enough. Who is lying?

  7. JHaz
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:46 pm

    He’s been very active on trying to push forward vaccine development. Obviously they’re doing stuff as fast as they can but let’s be real, to blame trump on this is just more pathetic whining. But I expect nothing less from the Washington post

  8. dafttool
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:47 pm

    *The Emperor With No Clothes* is failing in fabulous fashion,
    His enabling cultists blind to the naked truth before them.

  9. Dadson worldwide
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:58 pm

    You don’t think there isn’t already enough fearmongering reports? You might be this negative but idc who was pres. It would be right to be this confidant and reassuring.
    Lol trumps tweet dictate markets and behaviors of he run around like a chicken with its head chopped off it would riots and chaos in the streets .haha

  10. Aramai Jonassi
    March 5, 2020 @ 5:59 pm

    When will this dude to be ruled as a danger to society? Just aking for a friend.😒

  11. ericio22
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:01 pm

    The title should be Trump trying to keep people calm because the media is blowing this out of proportion.

  12. Ed Sal
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:01 pm

    America is so doomed. We have uneducated Boomers who thing Medicare for all is “socialism” without being able to define the word and voted for Biden, a president who will do very little to assist the 80 million Americans uninsured or under insured.

  13. Bar BS12
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:02 pm

    Next year Trump is walking out of the White House and straight into a prison cell

  14. Nancy Rocks
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:03 pm

    How is it helpful people to blame others. We should be uniting to address the virus. Not cutting officials down. We often don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Wash hands and stay home. God Bless everyone. Stay safe.

  15. Horticultureandhomes
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:04 pm

    We treat the flu the same way as the other flu viruses that we don’t have a vaccine for. Why don’t we have a MERS vaccine or a common cold vaccine? You would like us to panic over those viruses too? Limit contact with other people. Done, travel has been limited. In the free world we don’t put the entire Nation on lockdown. What is your solution WA PO? You create havoc with no viable solutions. You are worthless. You are a fear mongering organization!

  16. 12 Stars
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:06 pm

    This president gets kicked in the cherries every which way he turns. What do they want him to do? Declare martial law and quarantine everyone to their houses for two months. There’s nothing they can do to stop it. It’s like trying to stop the flu. You can’t.

    • TomatoIsNotAFruit
      March 5, 2020 @ 7:20 pm

      Hes fighting the deep state. Thats why there is so much propaganda. Check out the Q , misterious user which posted on 4chan alot of facts

  17. Loving Memories
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:07 pm

    I don’t see anything wrong here…AND I didn’t vote for Trump. At this point, all the jabs everyone takes at him, he should win a second term just to really piss everyone off. I’m Team Bernie but if Trump wins again, ok.

  18. J Gonz
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:07 pm

    These comments, lol. Yeah the Post is totally doctoring these clips of Trump blatantly downplaying the virus.

    • Bugler55
      March 5, 2020 @ 7:03 pm

      Ofc they arent, but its still douchey presentation to drive an agenda. why do you think this is news? It gets outrage clicks.

  19. derek larner
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:10 pm

    Mr. President, how would you handle this novel coronavirus:

    A) use the flu vaccine (because if it works on flu, which kills people in winter, then it must be applicable here)
    B) Exercise your 2A rights and give it a burst of semi auto fire from an AR-15 (hey, he probably has wanted to give it a try after seeing Chief Quimby shoot at the Osaka Flu)
    C) Have Russia take care of it for you (it’s worked so far)

  20. Ty Love
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:15 pm

    You guys are hilarious.

    Face it, they screwed up. Due to budget cuts, The CDC completely ran out of emergency equipment. Meanwhile Trump was all over the airwaves trying to assure investors that the virus was just disappear. It didn’t, and now everyone involved with this looks bad for being unprepared to handle this situation.

  21. Rafael Martinez
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:16 pm

    Wow! He really does have the communication skills of a sixth grader, that’s amazing

  22. FalconNewsreel
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:22 pm

    Uneducated Trump supporters listen and believe this orange moron. They don’t need any help from medicals. That saves our money. Let idiots die.

  23. Al Sun
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:23 pm

    Saving people should be more important than saving the economy. We need to announce this pandemic and practice wearing mask and social distancing. This would buy us additional time to develop new treatment drug and vaccine. Pray this RNA virus will not mutate too much rendering the vaccine noneffective.

    Compare to SARS, COVID-19 is 20 times more contagious and has higher affinity to the ACE2 receptors of human cell. Unlike flu and SARS, a COVID-19 carrier can spread without any symptoms for up to 27 days. Those who recovered might suffer various organ damages. Many people in Wuhan died at home when the medical system was/is overwhelmed. China had never been crippled like this before by the flu and SARS. COVID-19 is no SARS!

    Various renown epidemiologists had already predicted up to 40 to 70% of world population will be infected as it follows an exponential equation. It’s time to accept Jesus and ask the Lord for forgiveness and mercy. We all are in His hands now.

  24. Melissa Diotte
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:26 pm

    The Washington Post, fear monger sister to the MSM. No one cares and no ones buying your bs.

  25. Joe Brasco
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:40 pm

    All you got is 10 times 😂😂 this is a moron of a president . .. it will disappear as he moves his hand in a gesture that doesn’t describe much 👋🏽👋🏽

  26. Private Private
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:45 pm

    I want to hear from scientists, doctors, cdc. fda, nih, etc…. Not wrong info from someone that has a political agenda. tRump only cares about tRump getting re elected. Fact check everything that hole in tRumps face.

  27. Justin Randy
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:45 pm

    i hope u Mr.President will get some of virus that u keep mentioning about !

    • MaddPeanut
      March 5, 2020 @ 7:08 pm

      Any asshat who wishes illness on another should be dragged into the street, gang-raped and slowly tortured to death.

    • Ivan Wright
      March 5, 2020 @ 8:59 pm

      As I do believe wishing ill upon people is disgusting, the person above me takes it too far. Both of you look the same to me

  28. One Drone Pilot
    March 5, 2020 @ 6:55 pm

    Don’t worry America…..
    Our PM (pathetic moron) in Australia is just as mindfu^^ing as your occupier of the WH (wankers hub)

  29. Geoff37 S
    March 5, 2020 @ 7:13 pm

    OK here are the facts.
    This virus is not like the flu.
    There is no herd immunity.
    It is loose in the community.
    Infections will double every four or five days.
    Infection rate is exponential and US could have 200 million infections in next few months.Virus is at least ten times more deadly than flu.
    Millions of US citizens may die.
    This is not a beat up.

  30. Toro 2017
    March 5, 2020 @ 7:21 pm

    You would have to be nuts to have any faith in lying, incompetent Trump’s ability or credibility to deal with the virus. That’s why the Stock Market is crashing and gold is going up in value.

  31. TMike Wingman
    March 5, 2020 @ 7:45 pm

    I’m endorsing whoever isnt Trump. All he has done in his term has had ZERO affect on my life. Until know. Because of this assclown my tax refund is held up because I claim child credit. No red flags. No errors. Just a random selection of review for an extra 60 days. Filed Feb the 4th without any knowledge that if you claimed children they wouldnt even look at your return till the 15th. And then straight to review because the IRS is on their own this year with no 3rd party contractors to help with tax season. Well he can try to blame Obama like he does everything else but yeah nah yeah he’s been in long enough and it’s now election year and finally its personal. Great to have more anxiety while we face unknown viruses and diseases. Guess those tariffs on China really paid off.

  32. Bunny Ban
    March 5, 2020 @ 7:48 pm

    Fake news again reporting fake news as always they love wars they love violence they love spreading fake news because it gets them more views

  33. Bar BS12
    March 5, 2020 @ 8:26 pm

    Trump is full of SHT. Trumps Stock Market Crash and rising unemployment rates means HE. WILL. LOSE. ——— Welcome PRESIDENT BIDEN

  34. Spivey
    March 5, 2020 @ 8:45 pm

    Government either protect the citizens by providing free medical supplies to every American or.. we as citizens stop paying taxes and don’t vote!! We have rights, it’s time to stand up and make the officials that we voted for start protecting us!!