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  1. ꧁༄༺Stephen ༄ MichaelsTM༄༺꧂
    October 2, 2018 @ 9:47 pm

    So tragic that there’s a group of ppl who promote the culture of selfishness, vanity and egotism that hurts others.A culture that applauds those who will step on anyone, who will cross any line just to serve their own selfish whim at whatever moment which it comes.
    GOD(in HIS divine, loving wisdom) gave us moral boundaries, that if not crossed, make life richer, better, more robust and enjoyable for ourselves (as well as others).
    Yet a secular humanist cares about nothing but their own momentary pleasure. A SH doesn’t care about truth, morals, or right. Because (to one) those things are measured by whatever pleases them.
    In the mind of the humanist, self is all that matters. And all others are there to serve THEM.
    That(in a nutshell) is the mentality of the secular humanist.