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  1. Mr.Ed Brady
    November 18, 2018 @ 1:10 pm

    California is called the golden state because the state takes all the gold:

    There were no resources to prevent U.S. citizen’s homes from burning in California; yet, there have been plenty of resources for sanctuary cities and entitlements to illegals.

    Remember the hockey Stick?

    Recent solar-minimum caused cooling trends and the rise of industrial-China reveal that ‘climate change’ models were not only significantly wrong, but economically damaging to the USA; thus exposing the propaganda origin of the movement and its political supporters – Governor Brown and the Democrat clowns.

    Remember the spotted owl?

    In the 1980s, working forest management policies were abandoned in favor of ‘green’ democrat agendas that eliminated significant forest thinning and logging efforts. How much CO2 has been generated, forests lost and spotted owl environment devastated as a result of those policy changes that resulted in the present-day California ‘wildfires’?

    What Makes California ‘Wildfires’ So Wild?

    When ‘wildfires’ occur in California, the fire-heated-air rises creating low pressure near the ground-fire location that attracts coastal-air to fill the low-pressure-void. Water-ladened coastal-air reduces a fire’s damage potential. In recent times, there have been secretive projects releasing aerosols into the upper atmosphere along the California coast without environmental impact reports or public approval; such atmospheric aerosols reduce solar energy at sea level thus reducing evaporation and the moisture content of coastal-air. This may have contributed to the pervasiveness of California’s so called ‘wildfires’. Who approved the secretive atmospheric-aerosol-spraying projects in California?

    Now that the Democrat ‘green’ movement has burnt California ‘black’,

    California Democrats who attained office via rigged elections, who neglected forest management, who neglected water reservoir maintenance, who furiously wasted taxes on a too-expensive-never-finished bullet-train, who perpetuated sanctuary cities and illegal-boarder-entry now want pass the cost their irresponsibility onto the rest of the nation!