1. Israel Sataray
    October 30, 2018 @ 8:23 pm

    All this is because of him.
    He should be ashamed. But of course that’s ain’t happening.

    • Boo Ya
      October 30, 2018 @ 9:13 pm

      +Israel Sataray But he did like to call out white cops that were doing their job. Any race riots by the African American community like there were when Obama was President?

    • Bubbasauresrex
      October 30, 2018 @ 9:19 pm

      +plate cleaner
      In a small way I would agree in the sense that these murders have mental health problems, however, all were acting under the guise of the rights arguments. Continued derisive arguments that make the other less than yourself or group is playing an intersectionality argument making themselves better than the other. NOt much different than the 2/3rds human argument; supporting slavery or the one drop rule of Jim Crow.

    • Bubbasauresrex
      October 30, 2018 @ 9:25 pm

      +Boo Ya
      Cops some of which were convicted. The prison system has a 50% black population when in america they represent15% of the population. Statistically, no cultural group commits any more crime than the other per the number of their citizens. There are statistics that show driving while black has you stopped way more than a white person, I could go on and on but you need to do the research, not me.

    • texas thunder
      October 30, 2018 @ 9:53 pm

      Hillary Clinton “They all look alike” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a word from NBC/MSNBC/CNN or any Democrat!! It’s Democrats religion to hate Jews!!! Democrats support Palestine! Hamas!! MSNBC/CNN pal around with Democrat Louis Farrakhan “Hitler was a great man” Anti Semite!! ‘I’m Not An Anti-Semite. I’m Anti-Termite”!!!! Democrats not fooling anyone

  2. Chrissy Torres Perivancich
    October 30, 2018 @ 8:54 pm

    What a disrespectful man.. I feel so sorry for working class trump supporters who are poor and blinded by this man. He only cares about himself and his campaign, therefore he decided to go along anyway and go with the rally. Disrespectful and selfish!

  3. It's me, Joolz
    October 30, 2018 @ 8:56 pm

    President Trump seems to have good intentions here and there but 99% of the time, he ends up putting his foot in his mouth.

  4. Ken Ag
    October 30, 2018 @ 9:25 pm

    Good lord has this man no decency? A slithering Trump slithered in and out of Pittsburgh to prep for his next rally.

  5. artocin gerbub
    October 30, 2018 @ 9:31 pm

    Obama is a MUSLIM n did everything to promote racism including Islam n their followers at the detriment of white Americans. America is what it is today bcos of white people. How many successful black or Muslim nations are there in the world today? Even Saudi oil companies belong to white people! In case u think I’m a white supremacist, I’m not, I’m Chinese n don’t even live in America but I believe in fairness, n the way NBC portrays Trump is both unjust n bias. They have a hidden agenda n its not the welfare of the American people, its so clear that I fail to see how anyone with COMMON SENSE cannot see it! U Dems have no idea what it is like to live under Socialist rule!

  6. Chicago Rideshare
    October 30, 2018 @ 9:35 pm

    I am Jewish and I love President Trump he is the greatest most compassionate man ever…
    The haters will not win…
    Trump 2020!

  7. ABC DEF
    October 30, 2018 @ 9:50 pm

    It’s the President’s job to visit tragedies like this and pay his respects to the dead on behalf of the nation. I can’t believe that his political opponents are using this as a means of attacking him. You shouldn’t wave placards at funerals, you really shouldn’t.

  8. JoanneGinger Trump4President
    October 30, 2018 @ 9:57 pm

    Many of the left hate Republicans because we love and honor GOD. The left has taken GOD out of their platform. GOD is of love. President TRUMP stands up for Christian values so they reject him. The sanctuary of life is the most important right we have and President TRUMP is pro-life, so they hate him for this reason too. The LORD will prevail. Amen.