1. Mr_Rockito
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:03 pm

    Trump is the biggest fool to ever disgrace the office of the American Presidency… This feckless moron thinks he’s smarter than all his generals! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. net salor
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:03 pm

    New year’s resolution, stop being a doormat for illegal immigrants and build a shiny new wall

  3. Goran G
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:09 pm

    GOT To Watch at 0:53, the guy at the back of the room on the left near the window, see what he does when Dump goes on his “I Know The Most About….” rant…!!! PRICELESS….!!!

  4. B Solo
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:09 pm

    The Vatican has the biggest wall!?? Boy these Republicans only love God and Jesus when it’s convenient for them and agrees with their white supremacy views. otherwise they will stab them in the back!!

  5. Ronnie & Minh
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:10 pm

    Our country will be in big trouble if this sick demented man is not relieved of his duty as President.

    • gomez lido
      January 2, 2019 @ 10:41 pm

      This country has been in deep trouble since he became the golfer in chief… er… President 😎😎😎

  6. Memmor
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:17 pm

    Chris, if you’re listening = take down all pictures of trump = do the stories + a Blackout of trump’s face + he has a disorder which must have a Supply of “himself” = pictures of himself. Please do a Blackout of Pictures of trump. Starve his Supply.

  7. Trisha Meenaghan
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:20 pm

    ….and I heard him say from his own mouth ‘I’m the only person, in the history of our country…YAWN! I know more about Drones than anybody….YIKES! Get him OUT NOW!!

  8. Chuck Johnson
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:20 pm

    Just how does he get that big old fat head into the door ? Are the doors that big in the White House. Really I think that he could use it to block out the sun.

  9. A Wee Scots Dog
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:20 pm

    General Trump’s Battle of the Bulge (aka Caught in the Cross-Fire)

    There once was “military” man
    Who’s brilliant idea for a plan
    Was to sack all his staff
    And then just for a laugh
    Replace them with the Ku Klux Klan

  10. The Fibler
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:21 pm

    So Donnie is now a Drone expert too? Nobody knows more about Drones than Donnie Bone Spurs.

  11. The Fibler
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:23 pm

    Notice how the guy sitting behind Trump always had to keep himself from laughing at what Trump said? lol

    • J Campbell
      January 2, 2019 @ 11:07 pm

      I saw that too. He recovered pretty well so maybe he didn’t catch anybody else’s eye to share the mirth. If he had, the two of them might have gone off.

  12. MrHEYERG
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:25 pm

    Looking foolish? He looks to be a moron in the stage of the entire world, there is no doubt about that, none at all. Unbelievable that trump is still in the White House. We are living in the Twilight Zone of trumps miniscule mind. Turnip trump deserves to be tarred and feathered, and worse!!! GOD KEEP US SAFE FROM trump and the Republicans.

  13. Mario Castillo
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:38 pm

    The delusional dementia cheeto likes to talk real big when he’s surrounded by people that won’t openly question him. He’s like the guy that everyone including himself knows he is telling lies but can’t help but over indulge with bigger lies to try to sell his story…

  14. Ro G
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:42 pm

    Sadly, you don’t go from 5-time draft deferment straight to General, so I guess we’ll just have to imagine how awful you’d have been. 🤷‍♂️

  15. Ray Gomez
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:46 pm

    Keep it simple ,he’s a Deranged Unhinged Moron that knows it all,like he said I Could Of Been A General ,amazing coming from a draft dodger with a fake bone spur condition ,wonder if his grand pappy had the same excuse.🦅

  16. terry baker
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:51 pm

    Dummy their are some things you don’t talk about and that room you don’t talk about, so stupid are you!

  17. george mezzor
    January 2, 2019 @ 10:53 pm

    Please stop writing about how foolish trump is, his followers don’t see it because they are even more foolish than he is

  18. Bigg Droop
    January 2, 2019 @ 11:02 pm

    If people don’t know by now that Trump it’s a Coke head just listen to his words and how he speak the dudes clearly off cocaine

  19. Ricky Marasigan
    January 2, 2019 @ 11:05 pm

    D’oh. President Joffrey is at it again. Next thing you know he’ll say he won the War of the Five Kings and built the Wall.

  20. Rush Rutherford
    January 2, 2019 @ 11:09 pm

    A hole Trump 24/7 i am God i am the only one 😂 🤣! I am so happy that i have an off switch on my TV and lab top.

  21. 8304712
    January 2, 2019 @ 11:09 pm

    It’s truly painful to watch the disgusting POS in the White House spout his lies and BS… What a TOTAL disgrace. This guy is an embarrassment to the human race!

  22. Keith Voytek
    January 2, 2019 @ 11:10 pm

    Wait….other than an arguably decent Pope, who doesn’t already know that the Vatican has some morality problems (mostly WW2 silence concessions, ratlines, issues with coverups)? Also, pretty sure you have to serve before you can become a general, so maybe work your way up to Sgt. Bonespurs before espousing such nonsense. Finally, last time I checked, we are currently in a trade WAR with the largest economy in Asia….sweet crap this buffoon is deluded.

  23. Chris Teet
    January 2, 2019 @ 11:12 pm

    Whenever I see Trump sitting there with his arms crossed and swinging side to side, I can’t help but think he *literally* looks like a petulant 5 year-old sitting at the dinner table refusing to eat his vegetables.