1. Dr Roy Kershaw
    November 24, 2018 @ 10:38 pm

    President Trump isn’t a robot and he’s not a Russian puppet, he’s a reptilian turned traitor and is now an advocate for humanity. I have sources on the inside I know what I’m talking about.

  2. Con R
    November 24, 2018 @ 10:41 pm

    Media is on the side of Liberal Globalists aka the political ruling class and not the people

  3. Link Harden
    November 24, 2018 @ 10:42 pm

    This guy reminds me of the old spin doctors that try an flip what’s really happening and down playing what he can with cheep jokes

    • wahoo wahoo
      November 24, 2018 @ 10:49 pm

      you mean like Colbert , Fallon and those kind of spin doctors or did you mean like “i gotta punch you out because you parked in my spot” Baldwin, or maybe you were talking about how skinny boy Michael Moore saying all white men need to disappear , now thats the pot calling the kettle white, so tell us , what is really happening since you know

  4. rundhe4d
    November 24, 2018 @ 10:45 pm

    If not for the rich liberal TV/newspaper owners, these nutjob journalists will never attempt to debase the POTUS.
    They have to do it or be fired.

  5. Con R
    November 24, 2018 @ 10:48 pm

    As a free person I’d like to know why American taxes fund the UN which is shoving the multi culture agenda down the throats of American citizens weather we like it or not

  6. John Cundiss
    November 24, 2018 @ 10:49 pm

    Be careful what you say…. The lunatic libtards will want the chickens to be allowed to vote as well. Just before slaughter of course.

  7. Maria Grasmick
    November 24, 2018 @ 10:49 pm

    Greg we r not free. I just got blocked on Facebook. I wish I could censor all these leftist liars. I would say yes. I am so angry. My 2nd time.

    • Lewis Chave
      November 24, 2018 @ 10:54 pm

      Maria Grasmick I got my proud boys and PERTH post deleted by FB too
      Right after 9 news did a hit piece on them
      It’s happening in Australia too don’t worry

  8. lib ural
    November 24, 2018 @ 11:01 pm

    Fox news is a CNN Allie. Dont be fooled. When push comes to shove they are cut from the same cloth.

  9. Sam Home
    November 24, 2018 @ 11:02 pm

    What relationship with the media? Trump only will talk to the kids from the little bus, at Fox! Fox news is as close to televised state tv as we have ever seen in the states, it is sad. Funny…the only 2 media outlets Trump worked with…Fox and the National Enquirer…thats all you need to know.

  10. RC
    November 24, 2018 @ 11:02 pm

    Melania is jealous of President Obama. An honorable man with real accomplishments, and large hands..🇺🇸

  11. jennifer wilson
    November 24, 2018 @ 11:04 pm

    We should give thanks to GOD for using the Man to shake up the DEMON RATS party and the world, nations on immigration policies. Mr. Trump is being use by God so PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS.

  12. MNTribeFan
    November 24, 2018 @ 11:05 pm

    May I remind you that there were many on the right who said that Obama wouldn’t leave office at the end of his term.

    There is a river of BS coming from the White House unlike anything that we’ve seen before. The media’s job is to somehow deal with this.
    Gutfeld is completely stripping out the context for these comments. Given the things that happened and continue to happen, these comments are NOT unreasonable let alone ‘outrageous things’.

  13. Yippy Dingding
    November 24, 2018 @ 11:12 pm

    And people are not allowed to support the greatest country ever to exist must be democrats thy hate America

  14. Serge Whatever
    November 24, 2018 @ 11:13 pm

    Thanks to Trump, because of him fuel cost less even here in Canada! Thank you Mr President.

  15. The Oracle
    November 24, 2018 @ 11:14 pm

    As dozens of businesses are closings (including Ivanka) Sears/K-Mart, Lowes, JC Penney, Macy, Payless Shoes. As farmers received $12B in welfare, it’s a Trump MAGA economy.