1. Angela Bentley
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:39 pm

    Donald Trump reminds me of my adopted grandfather a very Stern well-rounded wealthy man very intelligent and loved by so many I am 46 years old and I have never really even thought about being proud to be an American but Donald Trump makes me proud to be an American I am proud of my president and proud for what he has done for this country I would keep him forever if I could….. Donald Trump you are awesome I love you so much and you’re so sexy

    • Common Sense
      August 13, 2019 @ 4:13 pm

      @Moms MADD Fake news from you the child of the lies. Satan is your daddy.

  2. Essline Cleinwerck
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:41 pm

    Good evening president Trump I missed hearing from you. The world is just so boring without a trumpet.

    • MrMferg240
      August 13, 2019 @ 4:10 pm

      I love dogs, but I hate to inform you GLORIA, you are going to hear a lot of barking from you’re dog over the next 5 plus years.

  3. Argus Tuft
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:47 pm

    The world used to believe in America, until this monstrosity was revealed. The unions in NY sued his ass off !

  4. Edward Martinez
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:49 pm

    The Democrats made God’s country PA a land of dead but this President and its good people will make it great again!

    • Gloria Kadar
      August 13, 2019 @ 4:02 pm

      This country belongs to natives and mexicans it was stolen by europeans.if you arent native nor mexican desendent you dont belong in this land get out

    • Common Sense
      August 13, 2019 @ 4:14 pm

      @Gloria Kadar In teepees killing each other. Never built a thing. They crossed the ice bridge to get here they are not natives.

  5. フィリップ
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:49 pm

    Love this Guy ❤️ 🤣
    He is such a comedian & straight talker.
    One can’t even call him a Republican because most of his ideas & policies transcend so many party principles.

  6. Mine Finder
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:49 pm

    As long as liberals keep fighting against America’s sovereignty and laws, they have ZERO CHANCE of EVER re-taking the Whitehouse. MAGA!!!

  7. Walden Smith
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:51 pm

    I applaud Pres Trump for recognizing Shell for their gas plant construction in PA and all the union workers . Also recognizing the Chairman and President Royal Dutch Shell and Shell USA .Pres Trump for 2020.

  8. Ezequiel Alvarez
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:56 pm

    Andrew Yang 2020 The long-shot outsider proposes giving $1,000 a month in cash to every American instead — a policy known asUniversal Basic Income…

  9. T. N.
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:56 pm

    Thanks to President Trump, US employment is improving. If it becomes a Democratic Party administration, the factory in the United States will be moved outside the country and employment will be lost. God recommends President Trump and, as a result, the strong US is returning. If it becomes a Democratic Party administration, China will rule the world and the United States will fall.
    I am Japanese, but I love President Trump’s gentle personality. Don’t be fooled by left-wing broadcasters in the United States.

  10. James Scott II
    August 13, 2019 @ 3:56 pm


  11. Capt. Dale Carlton
    August 13, 2019 @ 4:01 pm

    I love the American UNITY President Trump inspires. Unity is so powerful Democrats don’t want YOU to have it and will do ANYTHING to keep it from you.

  12. tinia dixon
    August 13, 2019 @ 4:09 pm

    funny he can’t say he is proud of the union workers that work for him.. oh i guess illegal people cant be proud of being in a union

    August 13, 2019 @ 4:13 pm

    Watching Trump is like watching Elvis. Everything about him is pure genius, class, and charisma. The greatest President of our lifetime. The time of Trump will be written about for a thousand years and more. What a time to be alive !

  14. Jazziel Jimenez
    August 13, 2019 @ 4:13 pm

    Did he say we don’t need windmills? Wtf is wrong with this guy. “If the wind stops blowing then we won’t have energy!” I pray for y’all…

  15. Andy Funke
    August 13, 2019 @ 4:14 pm

    I use to not care if a president made a speach.
    But now!
    I want this man to make speeches every day.

  16. Orlandov Halawa
    August 13, 2019 @ 4:14 pm

    How the hell dems and libs and fakers can beat him while they keep chasing his tail…? They always play in Trump’s pocket. He schools every politician..!!! and they still cannot figure out how does he do all these stuff… Love this guy.

  17. hogdoc mrjt
    August 13, 2019 @ 4:14 pm

    boy did i get lucky to have the best president of modern time be my president at this point in my life

  18. mike p
    August 13, 2019 @ 4:15 pm

    i just seen this when he walked out. President Trump the modern day John Wayne.