1. Angela Greenkiwi
    May 23, 2019 @ 6:40 pm

    Dear Mrs Conway,
    What’s YOUR title again? The one you believe commands your right to media cameras and a public platform; expecting respect as you voice your – don’t interrupt me Jake – propagandising opinion?
    Is that title an appointed one or elected one?

    So it’s appointed. Right.
    So you didn’t get there because the American people chose you.

    Unlike Leader of the House, Chairwoman Nancy Pelosi.

    Have a seat KellyAnne, and zip it sweetie.

  2. ray palise
    May 23, 2019 @ 6:49 pm


  3. Heart 2019
    May 23, 2019 @ 6:51 pm

    🎶🎻 Poor Don🎻🤧🎶
    We are sooooo “bigly” tired of this messed up defiant administration , hissy fits , lies , coverups, ‼️🇺🇸

  4. Mark Sanders
    May 23, 2019 @ 6:59 pm

    Trump has accomplished nothing since he’s been in office……..watches TV all day and tweeting……disgusting!!!!!!

  5. Lightn'bug
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:01 pm

    Pelosi is doing the same ole’ thing .. trying to blame Trump when it’s the BAG HERSELF WHO HAS THE “BAG OF TRICKS,” up her sleeve everyday. Her, and that old nasty Schumer!! How would you like to wake up beside either one of these freaks in the morning?? Whoooeeeeeeeeeeeeee makes my skin crawl ..

  6. bob mon
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:05 pm

    “Intervention”…. Nancy! Poking with the big stick…. the next few days will be unlike anything ever seen, performed by a ‘president’ that fools no one.

  7. Tim S
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:19 pm

    Hey Chucky, collusion didn’t work let’s try obstruction next maybe that will work, ok Nancy I’ll try anything!

    • Jerry Vida
      May 23, 2019 @ 7:44 pm

      Everything they have tried has failed. THEY LOST THEIR MINDS. maybe the freshmen communist senators are getting ready to overthrow Pelosi. They are putting pressure on Pelosi to Impeach. She can’t because there are no impeachable crimes. The Senate will not vote for impeachment. The Senate has the final vote. Impeachment dead on arrival to the Senate. Pelosi knows that. I have nevet seen her so stressed in a long while. When she was the speaker of the house before she had control of the House. She is loosing control. The communist in House are controlling the House.

  8. Scooter Tramp
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:22 pm

    Would somebody please get rid of Nancy Pelosi. She is ineffective and has her own agendas which are not in the interests of the voters or the Democratic party. Trump is a fool and a liar and everyone knows it.

  9. Major Greenz
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:23 pm

    haha sounds like he says “you can click subscribe, just blow me or click on this list” hahaha

  10. Marlynne K
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:31 pm

    She knows he wants to be impeached. And KAC is a moron and has ZERO credibility as an attorney now.

  11. Blanca Blanco
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:32 pm

    “She’d cut your head off and you’d not even know you’re bleeding.” — 45 got fair warning from Pelosi’s daughter. No kidding.

  12. James Ham
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:32 pm

    Don’t believe everything the news says. The same goes for Trump and Nancy. Remember the news will always twist facts it’s all numbers and $$$ even there own political views. CNN has always been pro Democrat which is fine, that’s there choice. It’s the one reason I stop watching news cause it’s all one sided.

  13. Beverly Gail
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:35 pm

    I’am so sick and tired of Polsie acting as if she’s the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN. That womans needs to stop over-stepping her boundries.

  14. K B
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:40 pm

    The problem is we have a senator woman who has had enough time to control herself in matters of a conspiracy that she perpetuates this drama as a PRESS BANNER continually for her base and her state of mind! Nancy is mentally unstable and hasn’t come to grips with 2016 as most friends I know on the left are, many still are up in arms over the loss of Hillary Clinton. We don’t really need a 2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill- that was a ruse to placate the spending LEFT to make them feel good again. But have you ever been in car gridlock when a bridge-redo or road-redo that slows down many on the road? we could a little bit of overhaul with better off ramps etc or a street that’s been overlooked because no funds have been thrown at it. I have.
    We don’t need it and now I’d pull it off the table, as I wrote President Trump and I balked at the 2 trillion spending bill. which I wasn’t happy with!
    . I received a letter back from President Trump. but, Go figure that a week later Nancy has another Emotional democrat Breakdown! No news there but I expect it to happen again and she really does need to be removed as Speake of the House: this is a serious job and if we got into a war, she’d be out to lunch worried about Impeachment!. Someone with a credible moderate stance to get stuff done now or the Democrats will continue to implode by 2020! It’ll make the Democrats possibly less fascist in looks and more American if the get rid of her!

  15. Eo Tunun
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:44 pm

    Omit Trump impeachment “because he wants it”? Not track down Jack the Ripper because he wants to get caught? Is that really decent thinking?

  16. LD
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:48 pm

    I do not like KellyAnn! To me, she acts like a divisive, controlling, fast-talking, untrustworthy, backstabbing, slimeball. She creeps me out!

    As for Sarah Huckabee, to me, she comes across as a woman who’s afraid she’ll loose her job unless she does what she’s told. She’s a mutton-head.

  17. michael stanisci
    May 23, 2019 @ 7:49 pm

    You people are really brainwashed sheep, if you believe anything these dirty liberals say you really have something wrong with you. How many times does it have to be shoved in your face they are lying before you understand it?

  18. wily wascal
    May 23, 2019 @ 8:08 pm

    Was curious when the snakes would come slithering forth with their slimy, twisted lies and narratives. Finally Sarah slinks into daylight, disgracing and dishonoring sacred White House grounds, but where’s Kellyanne? All done violating the Hatch Act in obeisance to Biggest Loser? Giving up on the campaign, already? All done now with Biggest Cover-Up? We’d like to be hopeful… Nope, knew it was too good to be true. Right on cue, Kellyanne puts on the aggrieved victim act, feelings hurt by a mere slight after her boss treated Nancy, Chuck, and their entourage with all the grace of a turd, trying to start a cat fight with Nancy to protect Coward-in-Chief, hurling personal insults and slanders out indiscriminately, hoping to land a blow, somewhere, anywhere! But with a casual wave of the hand, Nancy dismisses Kellyanne back into irrelevance.
    Couple Huckabee-Sanders lies stand out in her staged interview on the White House lawn.

    She said placards were printed months ago, but Mueller Report hasn’t been out that long.

    Problem with immigration reform is the White House and Republicans. Even most Republicans don’t favor wasting money on Trump’s wall; and Republicans can’t agree amongst themselves upon ANY immigration reform bill. Renders Dems efforts to address issue moot, although some in Congress have kept working to achieve a bipartisan solution. Trump politicized the issue, making it more difficult, and remains an obstacle to progress.

    Sarah kept steering the subject away from Trump’s obstruction and crimes, constantly changing the subject to attack Democrats. She constantly deflected away and refused to provide a straight answer to the question if Trump was willing to work with Congress. In addition to all the lies, obfuscations, disinformation, and total distortions of the facts and issues, she resorts to projecting Trump deficiencies upon her political opponents, a vile trick perniciously used by Republicans. You’ll also notice how this is a Press Secretary who doesn’t have much time for the press, conducting hit-and-run interviews to control and manipulate content while disseminating propaganda.

  19. fob1xxl
    May 23, 2019 @ 8:19 pm

    Pelosi is 1000% right ! Trump now uses the same language to describe Pelosi that he used two years ago on Hillary. Conway is NOTHING ! She IS a nobody compared to Pelosi. TRUMPS TEAM OF LIARS WILL ALWAYS DEFEND THE DUMMY ! As far as make up artists go, Kellyanne needs a new one that is familiar with working with putty ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. Larry Byrd
    May 23, 2019 @ 8:21 pm

    A feud is defined by Merriam/Webster as: a MUTUAL enmity or quarrel that is often prolonged or inveterate. Emphasis on “mutual”. Speaker Pelosi looks on trump with frustration and pity. trump looks at Pelosi like “Ewwww, nasty Nancy, you’re a doody-head”.

  21. Daniel Tucker
    May 23, 2019 @ 8:24 pm

    Nancy Pelosi MS-13 members who hacked up a young girl with a machete are good Christians. well we know you worship the devil and you don’t believe in Christian and the anyway so I guess you would say something like that. He’s effing punks MS-13 yes punks Punk animals animals animals animals. Greg Gutfeld says animals are great but not these human animals cuz they are destined for death and the sooner the better. So listen up b**** if you want to consider these MS-13 people good young lads then why don’t you take him into your home b**** b**** b**** b**** b****.

  22. Harris Anne
    May 23, 2019 @ 8:27 pm

    Nancy Pelosi is CRINGEWORTHY! Like watching a train wreck in slow motion. While she sits in her mansion with 30 foot walls and guards armed to the teeth, Her district is full of fecal waste, homeless, bloodied towels, syringes ..you name it. She’s disgusting & EVIL. A combination of meds, booze and adrenochrome. TERM LIMITS! She’s dementia on steroids!

  23. D Chase
    May 23, 2019 @ 8:36 pm

    MSM has been Wrong about everything in the last 4 years. You have no credibility with the “informed” citizens. Though you have plenty of zombies who will follow these crooks off a cliff. I can’t wait!

  24. MadMax™
    May 23, 2019 @ 8:45 pm

    Seeing as how Leftards are constantly projecting their own problems at the President, this is clearly Nancy Pelosi’s public cry for help. I pray her family, or party will intervene, and get her the help she so desperately needs.

  25. Jim Menard
    May 23, 2019 @ 9:19 pm

    TRUMP WINS 2020 SO EASILY ITS LAUGHABLE TO SEE WHOS RUNNING against him or actually running away from Trump because there all PANICKING because they know Military Tribunals and Executions are right around the corner.deal with it

  26. edsfarm1
    May 23, 2019 @ 9:27 pm

    Pelosi should be in a home for the unfit. Sad. I really feel sorry for this senile, old, ignorant, woman that represents democrats. I feel even more sorry for democrats that agree with her. They must be dumber than her. How low can an I.Q. Go????

  27. phenixwryter
    May 23, 2019 @ 9:29 pm

    A reminder to all of my fellow USAmerican citizens: The Special Counsel confirmed what our Intelligence agencies heads reported and FBI Director Wray recently said, We are still under attack by Putin trolls, and trolls from other adversarial countries, on social media. Be aware. Constant Vigilance.

  28. Mike Turner
    May 23, 2019 @ 9:35 pm

    Nancy Alzheimer Pelosi ,Trump has just delivered the knock out punch to your Liar Liberal Socialist Corrupt Treasonist Democratic Baby Killer Party of Slavery. Everybody that watches this News fiction MSLSD channel listen up! TRUMP just declasified all the documents related to the 2016 campaign and the Indictments are about to come out. Facts Mslsds viewers have no clue about! Not only did Trump not commit collusion but The DEMOCRATES DID! 100% certain with PROOF!!!! You have no clue about what im talking about because this Joseph Goebbels(Hitlers propaganda minister) msnbc/cnn fake news NEVER mentions it! You wil see. Mslsd /CNN cannot hide it anymore! Just a little FYI!!!100% certain. Coruption, Treason,collusion
    Here it comes!!Dont believe me? find out for your self!

  29. BBQSmoker NC
    May 23, 2019 @ 9:36 pm

    Democrats know their going down. The real corruption is about to be shown. LOVE IT !!!

  30. BA G
    May 23, 2019 @ 9:43 pm

    When Trump is not bragging or lying or both at the same time then he is blaming someone else so he can play the victim and he wants so bad to play the victim at
    his rallies. He wants to get them all riled up and cause more hate. For months now he and other republicans have been calling the Democrats radical , extreme, enemy etc.
    People those are words we use for terrorists and that is done on purpose so you will think of your fellow American as your enemy , and you people better start to
    think of these things he is trying to do to you and your beautiful country ( I speak to republicans here) He hates Democrats but has spent most of his life being one
    ( and pro choice too )
    Good Luck To You All

  31. Justin Figgins
    May 23, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

    Nancy is tiny jabbing Trump until Trump gets so angry that Trump will have a “press conference” or rally where Trump will be shaking, screaming, horrible name calling & cursing seen by the entire US. Trump practices on Ben Carson & Kellyanne, Kellyanne stands there in front of Trump silently & Ben talks behind a curtain while Kellyanne moves her mouth because Trump has never faced off against a calm, soft spoken, intelligent, crafty, quick witted & powerful woman before like “Grandma/Nana Nancy”, that nickname is a compliment, folks know some “Grandma/Nana/Mama” who is the sweetest woman alive until you disrespect her, then she will check you hard & still sound softly sweet while checking you & give you a huge, kiss you & ask if you’re hungry after you say you understand & sincerely apologize, “Grandma/Momma Part 2/Nana/Auntie Maxine” is one also but she will leave you with fear in your heart. Lol. Nobody probably gets the “Momma Part 2” reference. Lol.

  32. Richie Rich
    May 23, 2019 @ 10:08 pm

    The POS wants it because the 1% bought senate will not convict.
    So what is the purpose, your 1% lords & masters now own you.