1. Ro G
    September 24, 2018 @ 9:42 pm

    “Wormhole of the absurd” is just a smart person’s way of saying “swirling bowl of sh*t in a toilet that won’t flush.” 💩🚽

  2. Dave Schultz
    September 24, 2018 @ 9:51 pm

    Ask the biggest liar, Dan Rather! He lost his job because he lied to destroy someones Character. This is rich….

  3. Anne de Kew
    September 24, 2018 @ 9:54 pm

    Yeah, sure. Just like Trump and his fans chanting: “Lock her up”.
    Where is the presumption of innocence there?
    The only one making the accusation was Trump.
    The hypocrisy of the uneducated that support Trump is what will destroy American governance.
    Trump is a criminal;
    and so is Kavanagh.

    • Mars Falcon
      September 24, 2018 @ 10:08 pm

      The real problem I’ve seen is that all the blatant hypocrisy brings zero repercussions. There is no shame from the hypocritical, and there is no accountability from their voters. The far right is now the mainstream right.

  4. Paul Keller
    September 24, 2018 @ 9:57 pm

    If he’s asking for a timeout, there’s something going on. Something is about to happen. Oh boy. I’m getting fat eating all this popcorn. So much drama! This is Days of Our Lives, Maury, and Springer all wrapped into one show.

  5. Drackkor
    September 24, 2018 @ 10:04 pm

    Thank you President Obama for giving us Hope and Change as soon as Trump was elected. Trump 2020 🙂

  6. ruth depew
    September 24, 2018 @ 10:12 pm

    Attorney for the defendant calls for a “time out” on the investigation of his client, because everybody is so mean to the poor criminal in the White House. Oh, and while we are in time out, you gotta show me everything got on my criminal client. Ummm, let me think about it. Ummm, no way, Jose.

  7. Billy Pardew
    September 24, 2018 @ 10:13 pm

    thats rich coming from a reporter who was fired for lieng …..and making up stories