1. Bukki Dosunmu
    September 4, 2018 @ 10:51 pm

    We cried it on the roof top that he’s a child, he’s a child! They did not listen. We told them that the other candidate has her faults and showed them proof that he is much more worse and not fit for the office. They called us names. Now, he is showing all of his true colour and they are lamenting the shame and groaning in pain. Buyer’s remorse? Well, at least they now know that elections have consequences. Sad

  2. Meh
    September 4, 2018 @ 10:54 pm

    CNN’s reaction to all things Trump is an admission they are mentally deranged, triggered Liberals……gee who knew 🙄

  3. Dawn Pickard
    September 4, 2018 @ 10:58 pm

    The DOJ only goes after one side,when the real crimes are on the left.

  4. Julie Hasselberger
    September 4, 2018 @ 11:00 pm

    Trump just throws out Hillary’s name in a nonsensical way, as if he is feeding raw meat to a crowd of hungry animals

  5. David Robinson
    September 4, 2018 @ 11:11 pm

    You people are nuts. Trumps been investigated and still after millions of dollars and endless media alarm, the only thing they find is evidence against the Democrats. So yes, Hillary should be investigated and arrested. They’ve wasted enough money on this Trump investigation that’s gone nowhere.

    And for those claiming Trump should be investigated, where the hell have you been? And for the others who are saying He should stop hinderin*investigations of himself, get out of here. He hasn’t done anything to stop or hinder any investigation against himself, so go kick rocks.

  6. Donald Brown
    September 5, 2018 @ 12:22 am

    Q shows the Vanderbilt pool with blood stains what is that all about ?
    scroll down to post 1901

  7. bobo lee
    September 5, 2018 @ 12:24 am

    I love trump. I’m Chinese double agent Russian spy, Iraqi sniper legendary hall of famer. Omnipotent trump messiah hardcore fail usa BBQ delicious memphis meat. Hilary martial arts expert.

  8. Sweetheart Peachtea
    September 5, 2018 @ 12:35 am

    Republicans have been strikingly quiet for two years. If you want hear from the GOP, just put Obama back in office 😆

  9. peter elliott
    September 5, 2018 @ 12:57 am

    cnn and the rest of you left wing idiots should cool it. the rest of the world thinks you are wrong wrong wrong. cant you see how you look. i know cnn are corrupt but the left wing please let it go no one agrees with you you now look like a third wold nation

  10. Madddog Smith
    September 5, 2018 @ 1:06 am

    The mission statement for the DOJ is,
    “To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.” Emphasis should be drawn to the words “fair and impartial”. The department should be independent from the president and shouldn’t be used as a weapon to settle political scores.

  11. Elna Bjelland-Hughes
    September 5, 2018 @ 1:18 am

    Cooper keep your thoughts to yourself you’re an idiot and anyone who listens to what he says is an idiot. President Trump has done more for this country in a short time and he’s getting no credit. Why? Because the Liberals can’t except that people wanted something different , tired of the Liberals bleeding heart liberal‘s crooks we elected President Trump and we are happy with what he’s doing. Democrats have never looked so stupid as they’ve had been lately. CNN get all of the air your fake news garbage news and you have Cooper on your program just a bunch of garbage.

  12. Jonny Roxx
    September 5, 2018 @ 1:19 am

    Open question #2:

    Thank you to everyone – your response has been amazing. I would like to highlight Ted Newcomb for providing this great comment:

    “It’s all a show .. “appear weak when you are strong” – “know your enemy” SunTzu – the art of war”.

    How do the rest of you feel about Sun Tsu’s relevance in the current matter?
    Remember: no wrong answers. All are welcome, so please show respect to each other.

    “A leader leads by example not by force”

    “Hence a commander who advances without any thought of winning personal fame and withdraws in spite of certain punishment, whose only concern is to protect his people and promote the interests of his ruler, is the nation’s treasure”

    “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley”

    “If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, the general is to blame. But if his orders are clear and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers”

    Peace. JR

  13. Joel2010Dmax
    September 5, 2018 @ 1:24 am

    Not enough people care enough to stop Trump. It is just a “given” that Trump will lose because of all of his bad publicity. Wrong… YOU NEED TO VOTE in NOVEMBER!

  14. Parabridge
    September 5, 2018 @ 1:44 am

    CNN and Democrats have destroyed the great and once respected JOURNALISM PROFESSION. CNN presenters are not qualified or trained journalist rather many of them are lawyers and social sciences graduates..

  15. Lee Hayes
    September 5, 2018 @ 2:01 am

    Trump since day one in office and each and every day since has been surrounded & associated with lies, anger issues, collusions, blackmailing, anti trust, fraud & deception, nepotism, climate change issues, pollution issues, racism, dictatorship, narcissism, racism, deceit, egoism, adultery, a slew of corrupt lawyers, berating of staffers, non stop golfing and more holidays than anything else AND the list goes on and on oh and did I say constant lying.

  16. jews are the real gentiles
    September 5, 2018 @ 2:12 am

    cnn are crying jew babies don’t forget don amd cooper take it up the ass and put dick and cum in mouth and ass

  17. Ritchie Riche
    September 5, 2018 @ 2:15 am

    It says so much about America that an imbecile like Trump can become your leader ….

  18. Pam Miner
    September 5, 2018 @ 2:33 am

    He is trying to make a post-law and order type government.
    I’m surprised that there are so man who protect our nation from him.

  19. equaliser
    September 5, 2018 @ 3:15 am

    Anderson cooper is a shill for clinton, You should just shut up your a donkey